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This summit is being facilitated by NIDO in conjunction with private sector stakeholders with the support of all relevant policy makers in the country. As stated earlier, the objective of the investment summit is to attract the required remittance that can jump start the Nigerian housing market while offering superior returns to the investing communities in diaspora.
Please find below some details of the summit.
Dates: Nov 9 – 11, 2017
Venue: Lisbon, Portugal
Content Development: The development of the different sessions of the investment summit will fall in line with the agreed theme of the summit. The theme for the summit is: “Housing Investment for Economic Development – Attracting Remittance and Foreign Direct Investment”
Particular emphasis will be placed on case studies of countries who have used remittances and housing as an economic tool to improve their macroeconomic situations.

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NIDO Europe Media Summit 2016

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The immediate objective of the NIDOE 2016-2018 legislative period is a holistic re-strategizing and repositioning of NIDOE to make it a self-sufficient is meeting first the needs of its members, and project-driven and the ability in promoting national development especially in business, trade & investment opportunities and providing a professional resource pool from where the Diaspora and National developmental interests could be managed in a transparent but secure, respectful but fair manner, inducing growth in the areas of economic, social, academic, political, entertainment activities where our people seek to position themselves.

To achieve this, the Board will embark on a targeted and professional media relation to help in creating traction within non-active members, potential NIDOE members and the public within and outside Europe. The Media summit which will be one of the early deliverable and tangible call to action will explore ways on how the New and Social Media will be of maximum advantage in the task of image repositioning and grassroots support mobilization in addressing aims of objectives of NIDOE in addressing pressing national issues including knowledge transfer, youth’s empowerments, investment drive and Nigerian and European cultural exchange program.

At the end, we aim to use the summit to create a mutually, sustainable NIDOE-Media relationship and strategy for supporting NIDOE social economic development program 2016-2018. This will also include frame work for a “Media and Strategic team” that will be responsible for presenting NIDOE position in the Media on important national issues. Click Here to Download Brochure