Dear Diaspora Compatriots and Friends of Nigeria: Welcome to Nigerian in Diaspora Organization Europe Covid-19 Safe Initiative (NIDSAFE). This is to complement and support all measures already put in place in all NIDOE /EU countries and in Nigeria to help combat the spread of COVID-19, especially at state /community levels.

Funds generated through this initiative will be used mainly for supporting Nigerians in Europe with reported COVID-19 cases as may be necessary and also in supporting Diaspora efforts towards helping Nigeria in curbing the spread of the virus, like facilitating Diaspora Medical Missions, accruing face masks, test kits, sanitizers and hand gloves for health and social workers in Nigeria and importantly, supporting the crucial post Covid-19 Socio-economic fall out of Covid-19. Beyond the $26BN Nigerian Diaspora Remittances, we must be prepared for the worst while being optimistic for the future. For as little as 10 Euro, the life you are saving may just be your own! Thank you PayPal for supporting this initiative by waving the usual transfer charges.

Hon. Kenneth Gbandi (M.P.S, Universal Peace Ambassador (U.P.A)
Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora Organization
Continent of Europe
For NIDO Europe