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NIDO Worldwide Coordinating Chairman, Kenneth Gbandi, Reveals Diaspora Projects

By August 1, 2017News

The theme of this year´s Diaspora Day Conference is PROMOTING DIASPORA PARTICIPATION AND ENGAGEMENT FOR NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT” – On behalf of NIDO Worldwide made of the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas, I am honored to give the project highlights – The Diaspora Day conference 2017 is project based, which has already been highlighted. All projects will be presented under the flagship of NIDO worldwide. We will take it upon ourselves in corporation with the NNVS and the relevant ministry and agencies to drive the projects and some of them are already in implementation stages. – The aim of this projects executive summary is to enable His excellencies and Distinguished Honorable members have the opportunity of firsthand information before finally taking his leave.

Our experience in the past is that after our key and distinguished guest of honors take their leave, the diasporas ends up talking to themselves. – We hope to change this by giving some brief highlights of the projects Without wasting so much time, on behalf of NIDO Worldwide made of the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas I am honored to give the NIDO Worldwide project highlights.


This is a CHARITY based medical service targeting patients with limited income. – The Diaspora Cancer and Trauma center is A NIDO-Africa project under the NIDOWW flagship – It is established in 2017 and Located, Enugu State – It offers a comprehensive health system that offers a professional service in medical service in areas of i) Cancer ii) trauma and general medicine iii) Eye operations iv) Maternity care v) Venerable disease prevention vi) Primary health care vii) Clinical training to students Diaspora Medical professionals will use this hospital as a united based for voluntary medical service.


This project is the brain child of Nikentolad Energy Limited in collaboration with NIDO Europe under the flagship of NIDOWW – It is a new world-class Hybrid Power Generating Technology in the Renewable Energy Solutions to address part of Nigeria Energy problem. – The Technology is designed to continuously generate clean green electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year – This ultra-efficiency technology is non-polluting, completely Green – The project is on Build, Own, Operate and Maintain (BOOM) basis, with up to 25years period of maturity of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) at NO cost to the Nigerian Government

C: Diaspora Youths Empowerment Solar Energy Installer’s Basic Training and ICT Capacity Building –

The program is designed to train Nigerian youths who have attained a specific level of education to acquire skills in renewable energy and ICT thereby creating an ICT and Green energy youths conscious society. – This project is designed to train 18.000 youths within two years with the support of China Aerospace and Golden Energy Germany – The first phase of ICT trainees already commenced at td4pai Digital Hub in Kuje, Abuja – The twin Project are designed to make a conscious effort to create Green Energy society, transfer of solar technology to Nigeria and ICT capacity building – The ICT Project prime solution is the AMADIOHA (Internet of place) “IoT” PLATFORM, an indigenous Platform for Smart Technology that links both the cyber and physical worlds together creating cyber-physical system. This is already in its testing phase

D: ICT Workshop

NIDO Americas under the flagship of NIDOWW already organized a Free 5- Day ICT Workshop in collaboration with Harmony Innovation Hub in Gwarinpa, Abuja – It started Monday 24th July until 28th July 2017. – Core courses are: A. Artificial intelligence and Cyber Security B. Web Development C. Mobile App Development D. Python Programming

E: NIDO Americas 2018 IDP Vocational Training and Empowerment Project.

Core vocations:

A. Auto mechanic

B. Bricklaying and brick molding

C. Carpentery and Funiture Joinery

D. Fashion Design and Tailoring

E. House Painting

F. Welding

Two Applications will also be launched His Excellency,

These will be some of the projects that will be presented in details today by experts. If we have awaking your interest, we will kindly urge us to stay back during the second part of the program for and exciting presentation and interaction. Thank you so much.

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