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Attention of the Board of NIDO Europe has been drawn to an article Published by Tribune online of Friday 4th May 2018 with the above title, that was authored by faceless group (s) known as Diaspora Watch Worldwide.  The tragedy of it all is that such viperous and libellous article that was authored by idle, unpatriotic, anti-Diaspora elements with no obvious contact, address or telephone found its ways into a supposedly respected online version of Nigerian newspaper.

We did submit in our last press release which was also mischievously quoted by the faceless group in their point (7). Let me repeat it here that over the years, successive NIDO stakeholders have been plagued with series of crises and challenges that negatively impacted on NIDO from achieving their goals in furtherance of the objective behind the establishment of NIDO. We also mentioned that it is worthy of mention without being intimidated that some of the division that the organisation has faced are externally inspired to achieve a set objective(s). This article  is a typical example.

This is certainly not a time to let these faceless group get us distracted but to humbly request the Tribune Newspaper to kindly provide Tribune esteem readers of the name(s) and contact(s) of individuals that submitted such baseless story to them unless they are now accomplice to these faceless group and their paymasters in Nigeria.

If Tribune Online Newspaper fails to address our concerns or fail to pull down such libelous article within 24 hours, we will have no option than to instruct our team of Diaspora Legal experts to take this up with the management of Tribune.

Apostle HelenRuth Dorkenoo

CEC- PRO/ Asst. Gen. Sec NIDO- Europe.


Hon. Kenneth Gbandi

Continental Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe

Founder Heritage Media Network Germany (TV, Magazine and Radio Format)

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