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Nigerians in Diaspora Organisations Worldwide (NIDO Worldwide) received with grief and concern the report of the gruesome and senseless killings of a large number of rice farmers and fishermen in Jere and Zabarmari areas of Borno state of Nigeria, on November 28, 2020. So far, various numbers of the victims ranging from 43 to 76 had been reported; however irrespective of the actual numbers, every single soul is precious.

We condemn in strong terms this barbaric act of these terrorists, who have decided to demonstratively attack and behead unarmed civilian farmers, cause fear and pandemonium and thereby undermining the food security and wellbeing of Nigerians.

This latest killing is another one too many and constantly bringing tears and fear to Nigerians, who have become unsafe and hopeless in the face of other various forms of insecurity of life and properties, including random kidnapping.

The Nigerians in Diaspora are particularly perturbed by these recurring senseless killings as we are constantly being questioned by non-Nigerian counterparts and being forced to explain why our government is so incapable of taming the activities these terrorists groups. It is incomprehensible to foreign partners and other observers of occurrences in Nigeria why the government with all of its security apparatus is allowing these killings to go unabated. We are subsequently, finding it difficult to convince serious minded and long-term investors (small and medium) to see Nigeria as most stable and profitable economy to consider.

We therefore in umpteenth time call on the leadership of the country, President Muhammadu Buhari to rejig the security architecture of the country; and undertake other measures within his powers to bring to urgent end these incessant senseless killings.

We use this opportunity to commiserate with the families and friends of the recent victims of insecurity in our beloved home-country, Nigeria. Our prayers and thoughts are indeed with all our compatriots in Nigeria, who are daily facing this unpleasant situation. May the souls of the victims rest in perfect peace!

Engr. Prof. E. C. Ejiogu (Chairman, NIDO Asia)
Dr. Bashir Olalekan Obasekola (Chairman, NIDO Europe)
Engr. Obed Monago (Chairman, NIDO Americas)
Hon. Gary Linus Unamadu (Chairman, NIDO Oceania)
Dr. Obinna Kingsman (Chairman, NIDO Africa)


Nigerians in Diaspora Organisations (NIDO Worldwide) Condemn the Recent Killing of Farmers by Boko Haram Terrorists in Borno State.


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