Diaspora Enrollment and Registration Centres; Register and Get Your NIN.

Diaspora Enrollment and Registration Centres; Register and Get Your NIN.

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NIDOE is currently in talks with all the stakeholders in this issue of getting all Nigerian diaspora registered into the NIN database. There is need to ease the burden and make it available in all European countries, i.e. closer to every Nigerian in Europe. Meanwhile, find here the list of centers, where you can go to register and get your NIN.

  • Austria
  • Benin Republic
  • Canada
  • Ghana
  • Germany
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Senegal
  • South Africa
  • Togo
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America


Diaspora Enrollment and Registration Centres; Register and Get Your NIN.


Nigerians in Diaspora Organisations (NIDO Worldwide) Condemn the Recent Killing of Farmers by Boko Haram Terrorists in Borno State

Nigerians in Diaspora Organisations (NIDO Worldwide) Condemn the Recent Killing of Farmers by Boko Haram Terrorists in Borno State

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Nigerians in Diaspora Organisations Worldwide (NIDO Worldwide) received with grief and concern the report of the gruesome and senseless killings of a large number of rice farmers and fishermen in Jere and Zabarmari areas of Borno state of Nigeria, on November 28, 2020. So far, various numbers of the victims ranging from 43 to 76 had been reported; however irrespective of the actual numbers, every single soul is precious.

We condemn in strong terms this barbaric act of these terrorists, who have decided to demonstratively attack and behead unarmed civilian farmers, cause fear and pandemonium and thereby undermining the food security and wellbeing of Nigerians.

This latest killing is another one too many and constantly bringing tears and fear to Nigerians, who have become unsafe and hopeless in the face of other various forms of insecurity of life and properties, including random kidnapping.

The Nigerians in Diaspora are particularly perturbed by these recurring senseless killings as we are constantly being questioned by non-Nigerian counterparts and being forced to explain why our government is so incapable of taming the activities these terrorists groups. It is incomprehensible to foreign partners and other observers of occurrences in Nigeria why the government with all of its security apparatus is allowing these killings to go unabated. We are subsequently, finding it difficult to convince serious minded and long-term investors (small and medium) to see Nigeria as most stable and profitable economy to consider.

We therefore in umpteenth time call on the leadership of the country, President Muhammadu Buhari to rejig the security architecture of the country; and undertake other measures within his powers to bring to urgent end these incessant senseless killings.

We use this opportunity to commiserate with the families and friends of the recent victims of insecurity in our beloved home-country, Nigeria. Our prayers and thoughts are indeed with all our compatriots in Nigeria, who are daily facing this unpleasant situation. May the souls of the victims rest in perfect peace!

Engr. Prof. E. C. Ejiogu (Chairman, NIDO Asia)
Dr. Bashir Olalekan Obasekola (Chairman, NIDO Europe)
Engr. Obed Monago (Chairman, NIDO Americas)
Hon. Gary Linus Unamadu (Chairman, NIDO Oceania)
Dr. Obinna Kingsman (Chairman, NIDO Africa)


Nigerians in Diaspora Organisations (NIDO Worldwide) Condemn the Recent Killing of Farmers by Boko Haram Terrorists in Borno State.


Welcome to Nigerian Diaspora Global Hall of Fame (NIDGHF)

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Who will make the Hall ?
Outstanding members of NIDO or any person that has supported the Organisation in realisation of its Objects

Criteria of membership ? 
A combination of personal/professional achievements, assistance to fellow Nigerians, financial and moral contributions to the Organisation, measured by attendance of meetings and contribution of ideas to the Organisation’s activities.

Meet the median Edition the Nigerian Diaspora  Global Hall of Fame (NIDGHF) 2018

To be officially unveiled by Hon. Kenneth Gbandi (Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Continental Europe)

During the Nigerians Diaspora Global Development Conference Gala Dinner Night, 28th July 2018,

London, United Kingdom & members of the Central Executive Council

Engr. Cornelius OBOT (Netherlands) -Vice Chairman; Engr. Abiodun OGUNSAKIN (UK North) – General Secretary;

Rev. Helen Ruth Dorkenoo (NIDO Netherlands) – PRO/Asst. Gen. Sec.; Adeyemi Ademuyiwa (Germany) – Financial Officer; Yilsen Dasar (UK North) – Treasurer; Georgina Opara (UK South) – Legal Adviser;

Jermaine Sanwoolu (UK South) – Social Welfare and Event Officer; Dr. Monica Emmanuel (Swiss) -The EU & Other Related Org. Liaison Officer;

Jacobs EDO (Austria) – IT Officer; Mrs. Maria OHILEBO (Greece)- The Officers Without Portfolio 1; Laura N. IKEOBI (Austria)- The Officers Without Portfolio 2

Conference is free
Register @ https://www.nidoeurope.org/diasporaconference/

Gala Table Reservation @ https://www.nidoeurope.org/diasporaconference/

Registration of Nigerians in Europe for National Identification Number(NIN) Takes-Off

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In pursuant of its strategic objectives and core values, Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe (NIDOE) has finalized arrangements in collaboration with other Diaspora sister’s organizations to commence the pre-enrollment of Nigerians in Europe /Diaspora in the National Identity Database. The pre-enrollment is to ensure that all Diaspora Nigerians are well documented in the National Identity Management System of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has the mandate to carry out the enrollment of citizens and legal residents as provided for in the Act establishing it, create and operate a National Identity Database, issue unique National Identification Numbers to qualified citizens and legal residents.

The Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Immigration Service, Mr Mohammed Babandede, announced in August 2017 that from 1 January 2018, anybody without a National Identification Number (NIN) issued by the NIMC would not be able to procure Nigerian passport. The condition applies to both first-time applicants and those renewing their expired passport. Even though the regulation has not yet been universally applied in Nigerian missions abroad, it will soon come into effect, according to reliable sources in official circles. This is why it’s important for every Nigerian, both home and abroad, to procure their NIN! The pre-enrollment that will be facilitated by NIDOE is to ensure that Nigerians in Diaspora do not repeat the frustrating experience of the Bank Verification Number (BVN) registration, where some Nigerians had to travel to Nigeria or outside their base to beat the BVN registration deadline in order not to lose their deposits in Nigerian banks. Generally, the pre-enrollment exercise will enable the NIMC to register all Nigerians outside the shores of the country as is the standard practice in many countries, providing the much-needed data for Diaspora voting, economic data for developmental planning and pooling the huge Diaspora human resources.

To achieve this objective, NIDOE is partnering with NIMC ‘s approved specialists in information management services and database management to facilitate NIMC Diaspora population data capture. Data obtained through the pre-enrollment exercise are EU privacy laws and GDPR compliant. This partnership further portrays the commitment of NASS and the Federal Government of Nigeria to ensuring that the data of all Nigerians, irrespective of country of residence does not filter beyond Nigeria and Nigerian authorities. In the meantime, NIDOE in collaboration with other Diaspora sister’s organizations, BEN TV, London and other Diaspora media houses will commence a road show across Europe and Diaspora to sensitize and mobilize the Nigerian community in Europe/Diaspora to take advantage of the Diaspora pre-enrollment to avail them the  opportunity of getting a National Identity Number (NIN).

The pilot pre-enrollment will be flagged off during the Diaspora Global Development Conference in London, UK from 26 -28 July 2018 by Hon. Rita Orji, the Chairperson, House Committee on Diaspora Affairs. Venue is the CEME Conference Centre, Marsh Way, Rainham, Essex RM13 8EU. In its quest to foster and promote Diaspora participation in the Nigeria project, NIDO is recognized by the Federal Government as a rallying ground for all Nigerians in the Diaspora, promoting their interests through advocacy and networking.

Re: Europe to embark on scam Diaspora Day 2018 in London

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Attention of the Board of NIDO Europe has been drawn to an article Published by Tribune online of Friday 4th May 2018 with the above title, that was authored by faceless group (s) known as Diaspora Watch Worldwide.  The tragedy of it all is that such viperous and libellous article that was authored by idle, unpatriotic, anti-Diaspora elements with no obvious contact, address or telephone found its ways into a supposedly respected online version of Nigerian newspaper.

We did submit in our last press release which was also mischievously quoted by the faceless group in their point (7). Let me repeat it here that over the years, successive NIDO stakeholders have been plagued with series of crises and challenges that negatively impacted on NIDO from achieving their goals in furtherance of the objective behind the establishment of NIDO. We also mentioned that it is worthy of mention without being intimidated that some of the division that the organisation has faced are externally inspired to achieve a set objective(s). This article  is a typical example.

This is certainly not a time to let these faceless group get us distracted but to humbly request the Tribune Newspaper to kindly provide Tribune esteem readers of the name(s) and contact(s) of individuals that submitted such baseless story to them unless they are now accomplice to these faceless group and their paymasters in Nigeria.

If Tribune Online Newspaper fails to address our concerns or fail to pull down such libelous article within 24 hours, we will have no option than to instruct our team of Diaspora Legal experts to take this up with the management of Tribune.

Apostle HelenRuth Dorkenoo

CEC- PRO/ Asst. Gen. Sec NIDO- Europe.


Hon. Kenneth Gbandi

Continental Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe

Founder Heritage Media Network Germany (TV, Magazine and Radio Format)


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There is nothing wrong with Nigeria/Diaspora that cannot be cured by what is right with Nigeria/Diaspora”

I am neither a praise singer nor a ‘Yes, Sir’ man. I have always followed my conviction courtesy of the grace and magnanimity of the wise counsel of fellow patriots to whom I will ever remain grateful.

I am not perfect and can’t be, but try very hard to be reliable, pragmatic and I am very passionate about the Diaspora and Nigeria.

The responsibility, for action or inaction, lies on the shoulder of the central executive council (CEC), consisting of men and women of integrity, whose chairman I am fortunate to be. Together with the NIDOE Board of Trustees we regularly engage the other continental NIDO bodies and other sister Diaspora organisations.

The historic International Edition of Diaspora Day London, UK, has come to stay.

After hundreds of hours of our collective precious time at the cost of being with our families and loved ones, and as professionals, people of integrity and custodians of international best practices, we disagree to agree on the following.

1. Firstly, by a majority vote, NWW proposed for a change in the way Diaspora Day (DD) is celebrated. A DD celebration in the Diaspora was mooted as progressive and a necessity.

2. All NIDO Europe Chapters (BOT) unanimously endorsed the NIDOWW initiative through a clear democratic process, leading to all the Chapters suspending all planned programs including ‘A Week in Nigeria’ by NIDOE UK South.

3. This decision was reached after the SGF, NNVS and NASS did not object to this novelty idea i.e. DD 2018 taking place in the Diaspora to mobilize support for a new era of Diaspora engagement post-Nigerian Diaspora Commission. A letter was duly written to inform them about this.

4. In the NWW meeting, where all the continental bodies that constitute the NIDO World governing council were represented, it was agreed that in the event of a last minute change of mind by the SGF or the NNVS, then a hybrid type of event will endure. This meant NWW’s concept of DD 2018 in Diaspora will still go ahead while we send delegates to Nigeria. We are convinced that not all Diasporans will be able to travel to Nigeria and not all Diasporans will be able to travel to London. This was accepted as a win-win solution.

5. The current position by some individuals suggesting a disagreement in NWW is totally unpatriotic and uncalled for. The action of some of us is tantamount to what happens in Nigeria after elections. Once you lose an election you pull down others. It kept many of us wondering if some people actually have something to benefit by seeing us look divided. Most painful is it to see those who had held a leading position in this organization promoting such a notion.

6. I did submit that over the years, successive NIDO world stakeholders have been plagued with series of crises and challenges that negatively impacted on NIDO from achieving their goals in furtherance of the objective behind the establishment of NIDO. Though the Nigerian Diaspora landscape has changed dramatically over the years influenced by the structure and disposition to NIDO by successive administrations in Nigeria, each of these changes have also presented the key NIDO stakeholders with different sets of new challenges on how to engage with them. Tackling these challenges has met different degrees of success and failure.

7. I also concluded on the fact that the organisation is still standing today despite these daunting challenges and being explicitly mentioned in NIDCOM is an attestation of the resilient nature of our collective leadership past and present and our collective faith in the NIDO project. It is worthy of mention without being intimidated that some of the division that the organisation has faced are externally inspired to achieve a set objective.

8. Some of the brightest minds in the Diaspora have reasoned that this DD and generally DD whether in Nigeria or in Europe or in both geographical regions should be seen as an opportunity for growth and not compete with each other. I am in total agreement. One of the driving ideas of the first International Edition of the DD 2018 in the UK is because some of our policy makers in Nigeria consider Diaspora people as unserious opportunists only looking for government appointments or patronage. We needed to correct such uncharitable and misguided impressions.

“There is nothing wrong with Nigeria/Diaspora that cannot be cured by what is right with Nigeria/Diaspora”

Kenneth Gbandi
Continental Chairman Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe

Project from a member of NIDOUKSOUTH.

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#FAFCrossRivers #OneFamilyAtATime

Sponsored by Dayo Olomu Foundation executed by TEDOF Foundation with financial support from Prophetess Ronke Lateef


“I am the most surprised person right now. I am from a Muslim family of nine and i am a housewife. My husband sells in the market to help us survive. I am glad that irrespective of religion and tribal difference, the Dayo Olomu Foundation and Emmanuel Damilola Osoteku Foundation has proven that we are UNITED as a nation. God bless Dr. Dayo and his son, Emmanuel for blessing us with this food gifts .”


“I have five children, catering for the family need is a challenge because of I and my husband does just menial job (farmer/local hair stylist) to survive and put food on the table foe our children. However, I am crying because I am overwhelmed and very surprise to receive such an uncommon visit for the first time. I appreciate the organizers and Dr. Dayo Olomu for his generosity. God bless everyone of you!”


“I have five children and sell vegetables in the market to support my husband who is a farmer. I am very happy today because this is my first time experiencing such favourable unexpected visit. I want to say that I am grateful and I pray for the organisers, the Dayo Olomu foundation and The Emmanuel Damilola Osoteku Foundation (TEDOF) that God will financially bless them to do more for families around the world.”


“My husband has no job and I am into a menial job just to support my husband. He had a fatal accident that affects his movements and ability to cater for the family. I am very overjoyed and grateful to God for the surprise visit and package. God bless Dr. Dayo Olomu and his son, Emmanuel Osoteku for this initiative”.


“I was sleeping when the team came in and my neighbours helped wake me up. I was looking sad and very sick. I stopped working as a result of my health and husband is an okada rider trying all his best to cater for us. I am surprise and can’t hold my tears of joy on my face. I am glad to receiving the Dayo Olomu Foundation and Emmanuel Damilola Osoteku Foundation (TEDOF) into our house and I appreciate the package.”


“I have six children and we were relying on God for resources to celebrate the yuletide but thank God for the Dayo Olomu Foundation and Emmanuel D. Osoteku Foundation (TEDOF) who came visiting. We were blessed and i pray that their heart desires are answered.”


“Husband is dead and survives by god’s grace. Was overwhelmed to receive the package”.


Words and pictures by Emmanuel D. Osoteku

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